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Tourism and catering school Dubrovnik

The fact that Turistička i ugostiteljska škola Dubrovnik (Tourism and Catering School Dubrovnik)  has existed for more than 70 years  should not be surprising, since the tourist industry is the keystone of the overall economic development in this area. The number of students is continuously increasing. In our school there are 552 students, and they are not only from Dubrovnik region but also from all of Dalmatia and Croatia. School programs are offered in the catering sector for cooks, waiters and pastry cooks as well as in the tourism and hospitality sector in which students are educated to gain vast knowledge  in the field of tourism such as: working in hotel establishments, travel agencies as well as in other tourist areas. Due to the fact that in tourism and hospitality employees are highly demanded in direct contact with tourists and business partners rich educational attention is paid to learning foreign languages (English is obligatory, and students can choose two more languages).
It is precisely the Tourism and Catering School Dubrovnik that has produced numerous professionals who, with their skills, have made the Croatian catering and tourism renowned. In this context the excellence of educators at TUSDU has to be appreciated. They keep close contacts with industry partners in closer and wider surroundings of the school. This will be beneficial to the project as TUSDU has close contact with the stakeholders who will also be involved in the project outcomes. Having long term experience in educating students in all levels, all duties related to food production and selling it  are well known. This practical experience is again beneficial to the project. Similarly waiters and cooks  at TUSDU understanding play an important part as “salesmen” of food and hoteliers are aware of the fact how to sell product  to customers. Beside serving skills they need to acquire knowledge of the whole assortment of goods and being in direct contact with foreign and domestic customers. Thus they need excellent communicative skills, knowledge of foreign languages, courtesy and a high level of cultural understanding. This is ensured by the professional staff of the school. TUSDU is active in the field of adult education providing the programs to adult learners in order to raise their competences and employability skills.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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